Injected PRO

The highest precision injection

  • Injected PRO is an attachment for ring frames that allows to produce injected yarn in a cleaner and more controled way.
  • The attachment can be retroffited on any type of ring frame and no compact is needed.
  • The two rovings are fed independently through split aprons.
  • One of the rovings is called “base” and it is running continuously. The other roving is injected intermittently from the back roller.
  • The obtained yarn is an injected yarn but the appearance is much cleaner and without the unpleasant tails of fibers behind the injection.
  • The length of the injection is now programmable as well as the thickness of the injection.



There are several advantages of Injected PRO when compared to traditional injection systems:

  • Repeatability of the pattern is fully guaranteed
  • The length of the injection is controlled, so it can be programmed conveniently
  • The thickness of the injection is also programmable
  • There are no tails of fibers behind the injections

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